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Inside Ivanka Trump’s Lavish New $5.5M Washington D.C. Home

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are both going to have prominent roles in her father’s administration. As such, it was up to them to find a good place in Washington DC to raise their budding family…

They purchased a house in the very exclusive Kalorama section of DC for $5.5 million in December. This beautiful new mansion will be the place the Trump-Kushner’s come home to after a hard day and just wait till you see inside…

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The house itself is a colonial style home that was once owned by Dan K. Rapoport and his wife Irina, a Latvian-born financier with extensive investments in Russia. The house’s exterior is indicative of the usual East Coast-style homes one sees along the Eastern Seaboard.

The Entrance

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The elegant front door of the beautifully appointed manor house is lined with mirrors so that the First Daughter can put the final touches on her hair and makeup before she steps out for the evening or hosts a dinner with Washington’s who’s who.

The Foyer

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The mirrored wall on the right side of the foyer leads to the living room. Across from the door is the dining room, which greets guests as they come in. The beautiful dark wooden floors can be found all throughout the ground floor house, giving it a sort of rustic feel.

Dining Room

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The elegant dining room, complete with gleaming, modern furniture set upon a very old-world style area rug will likely be the meeting place for many a Trump business partner or political ally. Jared Kushner’s recent appointment as Senior White House Advisor will mean that the guests to this august home are equally grand.

Living Room

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The plush living room stands out a bit from the rest of the house. The furniture seems to be in a fairly modern style but feels almost dated, especially atop the Mondrianesque rug. Ivanka will no doubt alter the room to more accurately suit her own tastes.

French Doors

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The French doors of this bright and very open sun room give the place a sense of openness. One could argue that the room is rather sparsely appointed and could do with a few more pieces or even children’s toys to make it seem more homey, though less serene.

Family Room

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The family room is the perfect place for the Trump-Kushner’s to spend time with their three young children. The lavish, purple couches may end up staying if they’re as comfortable as they look. But Ivanka will most certainly need a TV in this room so the kids can watch some cartoons.

Second Floor Kitchen

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

Open Kitchen

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

Along with the glass banisters, the kitchen has a very open feel. The stairway being so open allows the family to see downstairs through the glass and the shape of the room is perfect for the watchful mother who wants to cook and keep an eye on her children playing in the family room in the corner.

Unique Staircases

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

Master Bedroom

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

Obviously, this master bedroom is much more handsomely appointed for a man than a woman, but you can’t beat such a big space. Especially not when it has it’s own balcony and fireplace. Ivanka will certainly want to add a bit more flair to this rather bland, though by no means inelegant, bedroom.

Master Bathroom

This master bathroom is the perfect end-of-the-day hideaway for a busy businesswoman and her equally busy politician husband. The immense shower and clawfoot tub are definitely more in the classical style and give the room a bit more elegance than perhaps a bathroom deserves.

Colorful Bedroom

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

This guest bedroom will no doubt make the perfect room for Arabella, Joseph, or Theodore, one of the couple’s three children. Or perhaps two of them for now if they get a bit more furniture. Either way, the colors of the room are delightful and don’t detract from the house’s overall sense of elegance.

Home Office?

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

This bust-filled office was likely used as a home office of sorts for the house’s former owner. We can only guess what Ivanka will be using this space for. Perhaps as a library or a small home office for herself. We do know that she and Jared like bringing at least some work home with them.

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

A small kitchenette on the ground floor allows the family to grab a quick snack without having to head all the way upstairs. It also means that any big dinners in the soon-to-be-opulent dining room can be more easily reached by staff serving cold salads or hors d’oeuvres.

Basement Room

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

This basement room could serve as a perfect play room for the three Kushner kids. It could also be turned into a man-cave for Jared to retreat to after a busy week at the white house. My money’s on the kids laying claim to it first.

The Patio

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

Once the warm weather hits, this patio is going to be just that, a hit. It’s the perfect spot to have a nice garden party or simply sit outside to sunbathe and read. The beautiful wicker patio furniture also matches impeccably with the house’s outer exterior and the greenery of the yard.

High Hedges

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

Speaking of greenery, a high-profile family like the Trump-Kushner’s might need to let these hedges grow a bit before moving in. With a family as famous as theirs, they’re going to need some pretty high, privacy hedges to shield them from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Large Yard

Ivanka Trump's New Washington DC Home

The kids will be happy that their new home now comes with a big grassy backyard, perfect for rolling or running around in. It will be a real change from the very urban lifestyle the kids have been leading up til now.


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