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5 Countries Where Girls Are Exceptionally Pretty

5 Countries Where Girls Are Exceptionally Pretty

The list below provides subjective information since the topic is very sensitive and people tend to disagree on what true beauty is. Look through the article and see if you find the list reliable.

1. Argentina, Buenos Aires

Argentina has been greatly influenced by Europe. You can feel that this part of South America is different from other countries located on the same continent. It seems that you can find a mixture of various genes there and it reflects on the looks of ladies living there. In Buenos Aires girls are curvy and toned up with glowing skin and silky hair – who would deny such women look amazing?

5 Countries Where Girls Are Exceptionally Pretty Czech Republic Prague

2. Czech Republic, Prague

Not only do Eastern European countries boast their history and traditions, they are also proud of their cute girls. The fashion industry warmly welcomes ladies from Czech Republic. One of the most famous models born in Czech Republic is Paulina Porizkova. Her pictures can still make men’s heart beat faster.

5 Countries Where Girls Are Exceptionally Pretty Angola Luanda

3. Angola, Luanda

Luanda is the capital city of Angola. Not long ago the country went through lots of hardship. The civil war of 2002 made the area one of the most dangerous spots on the planet. Fortunately, it has all changed recently and now Luanda is experiencing a certain economic rise and development in all spheres of industry. Citizens are enjoying their life nowadays and there is no need for beautiful women to hide – they are visible and you can see that their beauty is truly unique.

5 Countries Where Girls Are Exceptionally Pretty USA New York

4. USA, New York

There is hardly any other city that would be as colorful, bright and contrasting as New York. This city is full of people from all around the globe. Each of those people brings his culture, religion, traditions into the city making it even more interesting. The percentage of women in New York is slightly higher than that of men. You can meet women of various races, shapes and sizes – all of them are pretty, smart, brave and really friendly. New Yorkers are open-minded and ready to accept you no matter who or what you are. This city is busy 24/7. If you are looking to make friends with pretty women, we suggest you should drop by any of the numerous night clubs or discos located downtown.

5 Countries Where Girls Are Exceptionally Pretty Bulgaria Varna

5. Bulgaria, Varna

It’s a bit disappointing to see that such a stunning country like Bulgaria is not as well-known as other Eastern European states. However, Bulgaria is worth your time and attention. You should visit it in the future. Varna is a resort with hundreds of hotels, bars and restaurants. You will also meet locals who will gladly introduce their culture to you. Look around and you’ll see Bulgarian women – feminine and hard-working at the same time. We guarantee that a trip to Varna will stay in your memory forever.



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