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Xiaomi unveils second bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone and new Mi Note phablet

It’s the day before iPhone launch and Xiaomi is back at it again with the unveiling of the follow-up to last year’s highly-acclaimed and near-bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone.

The Mi Mix 2 keeps the previous design aesthetic — developed by a team led by designer Philippe Starck — but with a slightly smaller six-inch display and improved 18:9 screen resolution. The bezel is minimal once again, and the Chinese phone maker claims to have trimmed the lower border down by a significant 12 percent.

It’s a pretty striking look — once again — and it fits with the biggest trend in devices this year, minimizing the bezel in exchange for maximum front screen size. It’s a train that Samsung, LG and (reportedly) Apple have all bordered to help stand out from the rest. Xiaomi went a little further last year when it removed the front speaker to optimize the screen, and it’s the same story this year. Again, it has opted for a piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology setup to minimize the speaker, but this time it actually occupies some space on the device rather than being buried last year, which had caused some audio issues.

There are some notable internal upgrades, including a higher quality camera that uses a Sony IMX386 sensor — bringing it up to par with the Mi 6 — and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB RAM powering the phone.

The options start at 3299 RMB ($506) for 64 GB of storage, with 3599 RMB ($550) for 128 GB and 3999 RMB ($613) for 256 GB. A special edition model that includes an impressive ceramic unibody and pairs 8GB RAM with 128 GB of storage is on offer for a more pricey 4699 RMB, or around $720.

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