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Talk about Fifa 18

EA stops by our live stream to play a match and show off what’s new.


Ward Buysse
Did you see that first goal?? What a great effort from De Gea….

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+Drunk Homer its bad then make the game bad
Keep On Gaming 15
Drunk Homer I play goalie for my team. It is really stressful
MiniMiner Gaming
It looks! Exactly the same…

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Trolcu genc
MiniMiner Gaming pes18 better than fifa
Popeye `
Original Gamer said no-one ever
Clark Kent
why the hell is lukaku same height as fabregas ?
Higher shoes.
Mike Vidal
In all honesty, I don’t care if they make a game every year. No matter the IP. However, Every new FIFA is broken af… Not buying it until it gets better. Last good FIFA was the 2014 version.

Istvan Geber
Mike Vidal 2013 😀
Mike Vidal 14 was full of EAIDS too lol
Melodic Dreamer
Not to mention that the rhythm in FIFA14 was slow as hell.
Hotline Bling
2014 version was fifa 15 so yeah i loved that game. Alot of problems but i liked it.
N'golo Kante
Mike Vidal best Fifa was 12 13 or 15 worst is 16 and potentially 18
Mike Vidal fifa 16 was balanced but everyone hated it, point being fifa is fifa because its broken
Mike Vidal FIFA 14 was fun but very unrealistic for me FIFA 17 is the best all round game and I’ve played every game since 07 apart from 08 and 11.The most fun was 10-13 but it was just unrealistic.
Make Rome Great Again
The last good FIFA was FIFA 12, and that was one of the best ones.
Mank Demes
You’ll buy it
FIFA 14 was broken af, Crosses were guaranteed goals and iy had the kick off glitch
Emmanuel imokhai
worst was definitely 17 then 15. but i agree 11, 12 and 13 were the better ones
Sub Killer
Woah, Fifa 14 is one of the most broken fifas ever. The handball, foul and freekick system were seriously broken and only happened when the game thinks it happened…..not visually. 13 was perfection, 15 was very fast paced and fun, 16 was balanced and very gud actually, 17 was great too (only played it once…dunno)
Jackson Gutierrez
Emmanuel imokhai 17 is the best one worst one is 16 my favorite is 11
13 is the best Fifa ever
Fifa 15 was the last good one.
Angel Irbin
Agreed dude. Loved 13. Till this day it is the greatest.
Melodic Dreamer If Thats slow to you ? No wonder EA makes a noobfriendly gameplay every year when FIFA places think like tis LOL
Fabio Dewitt
I liked 16 a lot.
Mike Vidal 14 was garbage. Nothing but crossing. 15’was the best. 17 the worst game of all tien
Mike Vidal Fifa 13 is the best
Stexen Don
2011 was the best fifa
Lekai Oscar
Fifa 17 is the best fifa since fifa 13
Danny O
Lekai Oscar agreed
Mike Vidal on Ps2 version
Fifa 17 was great though
TOM CRUZ 17 i by far the worst FIFA of all time
anti dentite
Lemme guess. cause it’s too slow?
Allegro T
FIFA 14? Oh you mean heading simulator 14.
jed l
last good fifa was 07 for me as you could defend proply on that game 08 to 16 defending was unrealistic to real football

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