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Rap lyrics disrupt Brampton church service


A teenager faces three criminal charges after a disruption of Wednesday evening mass at a Brampton church.

The congregation at St. Eugene Mazenod Church on Steeles Avenue West in Brampton was shocked when two youths interrupted mass around 7:40 p.m.

Police said one of the youth approached the alter during the service and held his cellphone to the microphone, playing a profanity-laced rap song that was broadcast on the PA system.

Sóknarbörnunum brá heldur betur í brún þegar XXXTentacion var spilaður á hæsta styrk í kirkjunni.

“To the people attending, all they heard were profanities blaring in the most sacred space they have,” one woman told The Guardian in an email.

A parishioner said the congregation had just sung Alleluia loudly and a visiting priest from Poland went up to read the gospel. That’s when two well-dressed young men who had entered through the side door and sat in the front went up to the lectern.

Confused by the hijacking of the service, one woman said parishioners feared what might happen next.

“They felt deeply threatened,” she said.

Some older women in the congregation wept after the incident and many were left shaken and feeling afraid.

Several attending the mass immediately called The Police. The song was reportedly Look at Me by controversial rapper XXXTentacion.

Three members of the congregation grabbed one of the youths and held him until police arrived.



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